Doing business in Romania
1. Trade

Starting with the 1st of January 2007, Romania has become member of the European Union. As a result, intra communitarian movement of goods is free. More information is available on the web site of the Romanian National Authority for Customs,

ROMEXPO S.A. is the largest Romanian company staging exhibition events. The exhibitional programme is available at

2. Starting a business

Registration of new companies in Romania is made at the Trade Register, according to specific regulations and requiring certain formalities.

A summary of the procedures and costs associated with setting up a business in Romania is available within a World Bank’s report, pages 20 to 22.

Relevant information may also be found on
the web site of Foreign Investors Council.

3. Business contacts
4. Doing Agri Business

Information on doing agri business is available here.

5. Commercial conflicts

Unfortunately, sometimes business relations derail. In such cases, the Embassy can help solving the commercial conflicts, for example by providing information regarding the procedures for arbitration available in Romania or a list of law offices, but it cannot interfere in internal judicial procedures. Should a Dutch company encounter problems in a business relation with Romanian public institutions, the Embassy is ready to try to facilitate a rapid and fair solution to these problems.

6. Other useful information

Dutch companies in Romania